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Job Posting - Machine Builder / Assembler

June 5, 2019
Strom Engineering of Minnesota has an exciting new opening for a Machine Builder/Assembler with a great company located in the Twin Cities area. Duties: * Responsible for building machines: Assemble products according to engineering drawings, routings and blueprints. * Measure parts to specific tolerances. * Deburrs, grinds and buffs parts. * Cleans, assembles, disassembles and replaces parts as required. * Install conduit, wiring and cabinets as well as terminal connections. * Install hydraulic tubing, hoses, pumps, motors, including system testing. * Use hand tools, chemicals, adhesives, crimps and rivet parts. * Use equipment such as: grinder, ohm meter, drills, overhead lift, fixtures and gauges. * Test functional performance of assembled equipment/systems. * Perform 100% functional test of all assemblies in accordance with Acceptance Test Procedures. Skills/Qualifications: * High School Diploma or equivalent. * Relevant Trade School certification preferred. * 2+ years of related experience. * Mechanical, electrical and/or hydraulic machine building/assembly experience. * Strong communications skills.