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Name a company in the Twin Cities and most likely we’ve worked with them. Our experience speaks for itself. We have had hundreds of customers and employed many people. We have worked in nearly every area within engineering and manufacturing. Our customers always have good things to say. And when a problem occurs, we don’t rest until it’s fixed.

Our customers don’t spend 30 minutes on the phone with us explaining what they want in a candidate. We get it and our customers have told us they really appreciate that. They often tell us, “you know what I’m looking for; find someone” and “you guys are experts in your field.”

We’re different than the other national chain staffing companies where you’re being serviced by different recruiters every time you call or place a job order. With Strom Minnesota, we’re different. You will work with the same person year-in and year-out. We build relationships right the first time; and we’re not going anywhere.

If you need more convincing, call us and we’ll discuss how we have helped someone else with the same or similar staffing challenge.