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Job Posting - Assembler - Level 3 - Lifting 30lbs or less moderate machine operation

February 11, 2014

Responsible for production 80%-100% of their time. Responsible for monitoring, assisting, supporting, and improving all aspects of Key Metrics: safety, quality, delivery, cost, and inventory.

• Achieve weekly, daily and shift production plans
• Conduct cross training of peers in work area(s)
• Follow all HSE policies and procedures
• Support HOS implementation and related activities
• Complete HPD inputs as necessary
• Assist support groups in work cells with necessary activities
• Follow all company policies and procedures
• Maintain current certifications necessary to perform production duties
• Effectively communicate through verbal and written communication in a timely manner

• Participate in Tier 1 meeting
• Report and update daily metrics, results, issues, and knowledge sharing at the Tier 1 Accountability meeting


• Post production status on Visual Management Boards where applicable
• Conduct 5S activities daily
• Report “out of standard conditions” using the escalation process


• Utilize standard work to support the operating system, while revising as needed.
• Demonstrate process knowledge and coach other team members as needed.
• Seek inputs from other sources through communication and improvement activities
• Observe, support and respond to waste removal opportunities.
• Follow all SOSs and SCSs completely and accurately


• Promote Knowledge Sharing within and between work cells/value streams
• Promote and conduct Kaizen activities within work cell
• Participate in or lead Rapid Problem Solving activities
• Initiate escalation procedure, react immediately to quality issues, and drive prevention via built-in quality (BIQ).
• Support standardized work for Total Productive Maintenance, document/communicate opportunities
• Follow scrap compliance

Qualified applicants--please submit resume in Microsoft Word format. Upload your resume by clicking on the link on the right side of this page, or by clicking here.